What we do...

InnovaShare is a strategic marketplace connecting technology purchasers with like-minded product and services companies.

Provider Organizations and Businesses struggle to manage all of the technology companies and vendors that want their time.  In addition, there is a considerable burden placed upon them to evaluate which vendors to engage with due to the sheer number of new entrants in the market place, often leading to choosing a less then ideal solution, with astronomical consequences. 


Our team is deeply rooted in healthcare with deep knowledge in conducting technology and services assessments for providers and product companies alike.  For decades, our jobs have been to identify that "short list" of products and competitors to strategically advise on the best match and solution for strategic alignment and overall outcomes.   

Our Team has years of  experience with healthcare processes and workflows, product application and device development,  technology platform management and EMR integration. 


We use this knowledge to procure the right solution for stakeholders, and help technology companies be successful with meeting the right organizations so all may seamlessly achieve their strategic goals in a fraction of the time and at an affordable price.


Remove the noise and distractions and leave the matching to us!

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